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Pilates can be conducted on equipment or mats. The equipment offers the body support and feedback to enable you to access all areas of the body. The mat repertoire offers you the ability to work (more…)


Myofascial Release (MFR) therapy is called the missing link. It is a couch based therapy which helps eliminate any pain or tension stored within the fascial system of the body(more…)


Our retreats give you the opportunity to step away from all the day to day demands and have sometime to really concentrate on reconnecting, giving the opportunity to exercise, eat nourishing food and most importantly give you chance to relax. (more…)

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For me Pilates has been life changing and continues to be for me and everyone who has walked through the doors. My goal is to encourage everyone who comes to see me to reach their full potential in fitness, strength, health and wellbeing. It maybe Pilates, MFR or a combination of the two which will make the difference to your world. Retreats are a great way of learning significant elements of our practice over an intensive but enjoyable period with plenty of time to relax too.

As a chronic back pain sufferer Claire has enabled me to successfully manage my condition through Pilates due to her knowledge, expertise and dedication. Sarah , Bovey Tracey
MFR needs to be experienced to be believed. Treatment experience is very positive and leaves you feeling slightly emotional, with a lifted mood. It relieved my pains, improved mobility and posture. Highly recommend this therapy. 5 star award for Claire. Helen , Bovey Tracey